Electrical networks


Based on our knowledge of the installation and operation of electrical networks, our electrical installations are perfectly adapted to the needs of our users, our customers’ budgets and sustainability.

    • Construction, installation and maintenance of low, medium and high voltage transmission networks.
    • Construction, installation and maintenance of public lighting networks.
    • Construction, installation and maintenance of substations and transformer stations.
    • Manufacture and installation of low-voltage distribution and enclosed switchgear.
    • Construction and installation of electrical installations for buildings.
    • Construction of electrical installations for power stations.
    • Electrical installation of lighting and power transmission technology for industrial and agricultural facilities.
    • Construction of electronic networks, installation of control process control and management systems.
    • Control panels.
    • Complete electrical construction and maintenance.
    • Electrical safety engineering reviews.
    • Installation, operation and maintenance of electric vehicle charging stations.

We undertake to satisfy various user needs in the field of production, installation and maintenance, as well as safety inspections.

Basic industrial technologies, assembly capacity, electronic and high-current assembly skills and tools necessary for the production of the products are available.

We are fully committed to implementing the MIR/KIR/MEBIR policy. In order to achieve our goals, a comprehensive quality, environmental management and Occupational Health and Safety system implemented in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 ensures that our policy is implemented, understood and maintained at all levels of the company.


  • Electrical engineering, maintenance and operation of power transmission networks, outdoor and indoor transformer stations from 0.4 to -120 kV.
  • Construction, upgrading, maintenance and operation of street lighting networks, street and decorative lighting.
  • Construction of lightning protection, contact protection and earthing networks.
  • Installation of technological machinery, complete electrical, management and control systems.


We provide the following to our customers:

    • survey, system planning, specialist advice,
    • delivery, installation, commissioning of charging equipment,
    • operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of charging equipment,
    • the development of smart charging systems, electricity integration,
    • home, business, hotel, parking garage, public, bus & truck solutions between power limits of 3.7 kW – 350 kW,
    • the creation of customized, easy-to-use charging points,
    • remote charging point monitoring,
    • charging infrastructure cost-effective use of electricity,
    • the planning and implementation of the electric vehicle fleet migration,
    • fitting additional systems (e.g. solar panels).

During our comprehensive service, we keep everything in one hand, from the first consultation to planning, installation, and continuous maintenance and supervision of the electricity and charging infrastructure.

You can also choose our services separately according to your needs.

We provide safe, fast and convenient charging solutions, a wide range of charging equipment, new opportunities to reduce the ecological footprint in the entire supply chain.

Power plant, industrial projects

  • Implementation and maintenance of medium/low voltage energy supply of facilities with an energy monitoring system.
  • Implementation and maintenance of the electricity supply of technological equipment.
  • Construction and maintenance of a complete electrical installation system.
  • Design, construction and commissioning of process control and instrumentation.
  • Construction of lightning protection, contact protection and grounding networks.
  • Carrying out complete electrical, control and control works for technological machine installations.
  • Implementation of low current and safety systems.
  • Complete project management and commissioning.

Building electricity projects

  • Construction of medium and low voltage power supply and diesel generator sets.
  • Normal and uninterruptible power distribution and installation.
  • Construction of lighting and emergency lighting systems.
  • Complete construction of electronic and security systems (fire alarm, access control, security systems, data transmission and IT).
  • Construction of lightning protection, contact protection and earthing networks.
  • Full project management and commissioning.

Railway electricity

  • Establishment and installation of direct current traction cables.
  • Laying and installation of low- and medium-voltage power transmission cables.
  • Street lighting, street lighting, platform lighting works.
  • Underpasses, subway exits, complete electrical installation (power supply, lighting).

Production of distribution equipment

  • Manufacture, installation and maintenance of 0.4 kV power transmission main and sub-distribution equipment.
  • Compilation, installation and maintenance of installation distributors.
  • Installation and maintenance of PLC control cabinets.
  • Installation and maintenance of enclosed outdoor distributors.
  • Installation and maintenance of communal distribution cabinets.

Special measurements

  • Lighting measurement.
  • Touch protection and lightning protection measurements.
  • Measurement of the static discharge resistance of the floor covering.
  • Insulation tests up to 35 kV.
  • R-, L-, C-measurements.

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