HVAC installation

Energy efficient design of building services systems

Installation and maintenance of heating, cooling and ventilation systems. Systems that our customers rely on every day.

  • Ventilation, cooling and heating.
  • Water supply, pressure boosting, waste water treatment.
  • Industrial networks / compressed air, steam, industrial gases.
  • Building surveillance, energy monitoring systems.

We always provide our customers with cost-effective, tailor-made, environmentally friendly, innovative solutions that ensure efficient, sustainable operation of their equipment. Our solutions with increased efficiency reduce energy consumption and operating costs, lowering the effort required for construction and the risk of investment. The clarity of the systems allows faster troubleshooting and increases the satisfaction of the users of the installations.

We provide a full service in all areas of building services engineering.

Industrial mechanical construction

During the industrial engineering construction we provide:

    • compressed air systems,
    • construction of a complete compressed air network including machine housing, compressors, connection of end points and connection of installed equipment,
    • nitrogen system,
    • complete network with connection of process equipment,
    • vacuum system,
    • complete network design with connection of technological equipment,
    • Water for Injection (WFI) network – complete network design, with connection of technological equipment,
    • clean room air technology – complete system from installation of air handlers to anemostats with control.


We provide our customers with innovative solutions and smooth cooperation. The transparency of the systems enables faster troubleshooting and increases the satisfaction of the users of the facilities. During the low-current construction, we carry out the construction of the building automation system together with programming – from the definition of investor needs to the building supervision of the entire building mechanical system.

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