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Spa of Sárvár and Park Inn Hotel

Heat and electricity supply with gas engine

A small power plant was established in the Park Inn Hotel in Sárvár at a time when electricity produced in Hungary in the framework of combined heat and power generation could be sold to the public grid under the Hungarian electricity and heat balance, by connecting to the public grid. The heat produced was used by the hotel and sold to the Sárvár Spa and Wellness Baths. The small power plant was in operation for approximately 5 years.

In 2019, the Park Inn Hotel and the Sárvár Spa started to supply heat and electricity from a gas engine. The electricity and heat supply of the two building complexes made it possible to restart the gas engine.

Brief description of the investment:

During an electric power transmission investment:
  • we completed the planning and authorization procedures from the professional authorities.
  • we changed the switching of the stations of the E-ON transformer in such a way that there is reception from it only in case of energy demand that cannot be served by the small power plant.
  • we transformed the power transmission rail system of the small power plant for grid-parallel operation.
  • we established new transformer switching stations (BHTR) both in the courtyard of the hotel and the spa.
  • we built new direct electric lines to the consumption connection points.
  • we developed the measurement, protection and automation systems.
  • we carry out the operation in accordance with the relevant official regulations.
During the small power plant renovation program:
  • we have overhauled the gas engine.
  • we renovated the main parts (turbocharger, generator, etc.).
  • we cleaned the catalyst and the flue gas heat exchanger, as well as the ventilation equipment of the engine room.