About our company

Safety at work

At Equans, safety is one of the most important requirements. Our aim is to prevent serious accidents. Risks are identified and monitored from design to implementation, for everyone’s safety. We focus on prevention and follow a 5-step task plan.

1. Leaders in Safety

All our managers receive occupational health and safety training and demonstrate exemplary behavior during monthly on-site visits.

All of our blue-collar employees participate in a safety meeting with their manager at least once a year.

2. Training

At Equans, everyone must take part in work and fire safety training related to the specifics of their job once a year. 100% of newly hired employees receive introductory work and fire safety training.

3. Safety at work approach

We promote positive and transparent operations in all our member companies: learning from our mistakes, recognising outstanding performance and applying fair sanctions where necessary. All our member companies follow the principles of a culture of fairness.

4. Safe operation

In the planning phase, we prepare the work area, the processes and the ergonomics of the workstation, identify the risks and manage them on site.
We keep our prevention approach in mind in all our activities.

5. Root analysis

A learning culture is present at all levels of our organisation. Sharing our successes and failures is essential for our safe functioning. All serious accidents are investigated using root cause analysis.

Accident reports are shared with our colleagues after lessons have been learnt to avoid possible similar incidents in the future.

Health & Safety 12 Golden rules

Strictly enforced by all!