Operation & maintenance

Summary of services

During operation and maintenance, we provide an efficient energy management system for facilities under construction, expansion or renovation – all from a single source. We provide our customers with complex and environmentally friendly energy solutions, from the realisation of the project idea, through planning and construction, including financing, to operation, maintenance and full energy services.

We provide professional energy management and cost transparency, our high-efficiency solutions reduce energy consumption and operating costs, the transparency of systems allows faster troubleshooting and increases the satisfaction of the users of the facilities.

We undertake the following activities:

  • repair, maintenance, installation, sales and service of gas and oil boilers, burners, brand – service services.
  • chemical cleaning of boilers and process heat recovery systems, descaling using officially approved procedures.
  • repair, maintenance and sale of water softeners and feed water preparation equipment.
  • repair, maintenance and sale of feed and circulating pumps, fans, temperature regulators, gas hazard indicators, valves.
  • instrumental flue gas analysis, control, measurement of air pollutant emissions, preparation of returns, safety inspections.
  • repair and maintenance of gas receiving stations, pressure regulators.
  • design, construction, automation, including remote monitoring, operation of heating and hot water supply systems.

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